Calming  (10ml Rollerball)   for Nerves and Anxiety

Calming (10ml Rollerball) for Nerves and Anxiety

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CALMING    Remedy Oil for Nervousness, Anxiety and Depression.
A 10ml handy roll-on.

This is a powerful blend of Neroli and Lavender pure essential oils, based in a sweet almond carrier oil.

Neroli is a natural anti-anxiety agent.  It has a beautiful rich, woody and orange aroma.

Blended with Lavender, Neroli is a calming and sedative experience.
Apply to the temples, pulse points yourself,  ...or apply  via a neck and shoulder massage if you are helping someone else.  Also, if it's convenient, massage this oil into the soles of your feet for a blissful massage.

The purpose of this blend is to uplift the individual, and improve the general mood.

For external use only

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