Bug Away  (10ml Roll On)  Natural Insect Repellent

Bug Away (10ml Roll On) Natural Insect Repellent

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The famous Bug Away is a handy sized Roll-On, packed with FIVE powerful, but natural, essential oils, to repel flying insects, especially Mosquitos and Midges.

Apply it to the areas that YOU normally get bitten, (ankles, legs, arms, anywhere!) 

NEW & IMPROVED...extra Lemon and Eucalyptus essential oils have now been added to avoid the misery of mosquito bites. In addition to Citronella, Myrtle and Lemongrass.

These oils are infused into a sweet almond carrier oil.  (Not suitable for those with a nut allergy)

This is a MUST HAVE when travelling on holiday, if you want to keep the mosquitos and midges away and avoid being bitten!   

If using during the day, it is advisable to use over the top of any suncream.  Night time usage is highly recommended as Mosquitos are more active at night.  Also, please remember that using perfume or aftershave is known to attract mosquitos!

Only 100% Pure Natural Ingredients, and safe to use on children**

It is recommended that one ‘Bug Away’ will last one person approximately one week on holiday.  
So a family of 4 will require 4 Bug Aways for a holiday lasting one week, for optimum protection.

Delivery to anywhere in the U.K. is only 2 to 3 days!

Delivery to the E.U. please allow 10 working days, (but most orders are delivered within 6 days) The shipping fee for EU orders now includes an end to end tracking service, so you can see precisely where your order is at any point.
For Republic of Ireland, you will need to use AddressPal for  your delivery service, as they are the only service who guarantee delivery and Customs Clearance in the Republic of Ireland.

Safety Information;  External Use Only, Do no swallow, In case of contact with the eye wash out with lukewarm water.    ** Not suitable for those with Nut Allergies.



’I had seen the rave reviews online about Bug Away but I was sceptical. I shouldn’t have been because this is the only thing that’s ever kept the mozzies away from my husband and my 2 children. We had almost given up with holidays because of the mozzie bites.  It’s fantastic stuff and will be buying this every time from now on, Thank You!’   Sharon Drummond - South Shields 

'I've been using Bug Away, Amazing stuff!  I've actually watched mosquitos hover over my skin and fly away!  Literally not had a single bite in all the time I've used it. Really really recommend it.         Mikaila Elkington - Salou, Spain 

'Anyone going on holiday and always gets bitten by the dreaded mosquitos, then I highly recommend using this Bug Away.  I always get bitten alive but this year I only got one bite, and that was the night I forgot to put it on!     Antony Collins - Bangor, County Down

’Just got back from two very hot weeks in Salou. Me, hubby, 2 kids, not a single bite. This is a miracle for us as we got eaten alive by mozzies in September last year.  Bug Away is something we will buy before every holiday in future.   Maureen Dwyer, - Antrim 

‘Just got back from Port Salou, and took 4 of these away with us. My husband and daughter are usually like a buffet to local mosquitoes! My daughter put this on religiously and hasn’t been bitten, husband forgot to put it on last night and got bitten 🦟. Brilliant stuff and smells amazing too 😍   Nicola Bryant, - Higham Ferrers, Rushden.

‘ I used it this year with garlic capsules every and it's the first time I haven't been bitten. It's great stuff. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me, usually get bitten badly, but not this year.    
Angela Pacitti, - Alloa

’Bug away, I used it first time last year did not get bit once first time in 20+yrs I've been going to Spain, let's just say I order it quite regularly not just for holidays, but I use it at home as well’      Linda Oldfield, - Prestatyn.

‘ I bought 2 of these for my 10 day holiday as I always get bitten and they then swell. I used this every night and not 1 bite. One night I forgot to use it and got bitten 10+ times. It really does work and I've tried everything. Will definitely be buying again for my next holiday.    Micaela Carlin, - Omagh, N Ireland.

Bought this for a fishing trip to Scotland as the midges made it a misery last year.  The midges were there still, but they didn’t come near me this time.  Bug Away is a God send, highly recommended to anyone in Scotland. Brian Yuell,  Middlesbrough 

A +++, Can’t recommend this highly enough. Family of five in La Pineda, the kids normally get bitten badly and so does my wife. So we lose a lot of sleep and need antiseptic creams. Heard good reports and gave Bug Away a try.  Not a bite this year on anyone.  Made so much difference to us as a family.   Cheers!   Iwan Williams, Abertawe

‘Bug Away is amazing, I forgot to put it on first night and mosquitos were landing on my face and everything hubby run back up to room to fetch it and they just hover by you, and go away! 
Susan Turner, Birmingham

‘I can highly recommend Bug Away, I’m back from Spain and for the first time EVER that I’ve been abroad anywhere on holiday I have come home without a single bite! Absolutely unheard of! Thank you! I will be getting some more for my next trip’   Helen Jones, Powys 

‘..Bug Away has been nothing short of miraculous! I've the type of skin that mosquitos have loved to munch on my entire life. Finally aged nearly 46 I've been able to be out and about on foreign soil with not one bite. 
Oh,and the smell is absolutely gorgeous too!
Congratulations to you and yours on a truly wonderful product ❤️  Lia Connelly,  Coleraine  N Ireland 


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